FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

I’ve had this model for years, it still works great!

This is just terrible. I done got this cause my cousin says to me. Bill bob there is a meat printer on sale. So i says what a meat printer. And he says yup just look at that photo right there. Well i sees that photo and think i gotta get me one of them futuristic meat printers now. Then i gets it and it dont print no meats. I is sad. :frowning:

You kinda sound like you are from California. But then again, they don’t allow things like this into the state, along with VW diesels, most unhealthy foods, etc… but I could be wrong. :wink:

I see a printer every time I see the thumbnail. LOL

This is a great deal. I paid that much for the one that does not include the roll storage in the sealing unit. These really are about 150 bucks normally.

Foodsaver is and has been one of those rare birds that promises the sky and stars then delivers

Is it really the v3835? The v3835 has a bag opening widget on the front, and this one does not.

Comparing this to the one listed on Food Saver’s website I’m really not seeing any difference. What do you mean by bag opening widget? Where is it on the front?

This model does not have the Mason jar connector hose / attachment, which is the feature I use most on my unit.
Too bad, but then what do you expect for eighty-five bucks?

Is this the same as the one on Foodsaver’s website. That one does have the accessory hose.

Yes. It does have the ‘opening widget’. It’s on the lower left corner on the front of the unit. You can just make it out in pics 4 and 6.

I have this exact unit and it does have an ‘accessory hose’ that you pull out from the lower right corner on the front of the unit. It’s directly opposite of the ‘cutting widget’.