FoodSaver Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit

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FoodSaver Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit
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Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

Remanufactured version for $49.

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Depending on your needs these work really well. Especially with dried foods, it’s a bit trickier to use the bags with wet foods mind you.

Also, perhaps some of you are wondering… you can use it for herbs but you’ll either not want to suck ALL of the air out of the bag before sealing, or you’ll have to be ok with somewhat less 3 dimensional herbs

I owned one once upon a time with bags, and containers and sold it when I left the country. I’ve now been back 5 years and haven’t been tempted. ziplock, freezing, and pyrex works well enough for the vast majority of the population. That said, it does do what it claims so if you find yourself needing to extend the storage life of perishables, this will help.

We use ours regularly. Works especially well with cheese. Keeps partially used pieces from going moldy, for months. Also works great for packaging up meats from bulk package purchases. Sure, the bags are pricey but depending on what you’re sealing it might save quite a lot of money.

Bags are expensive, but a roll of bags is cheap. I paid $25 on Amazon for two rolls of something like 50’ each. Waaaaay better deal than buying individual bags.

I would always freeze my liquids, like soups, stews, etc, in small single serving ramekins. Once frozen, I would pop them out and then seal with the Foodsaver. You can heat them up in the bag, either in the microwave or in boiling water…I am a senior living alone, and this helps me immensely

There are regular sales on bags and roll material. There are sellers on eBay who steeply discount this material. Plus, there are other brands of bags that will work well with this sealer and are much less expensive than original Foodsaver bags. I have not noticed any difference in the quality of the seal or storage length…Cheers!

One day I reliesed I was wasting my time using a system like this. I just use Zip Lock baggies now. Cost substantially less and I do not have a problem with freezer burn.

I ship clothes using priority flat rate shipping. By using my food sealer I can fit a lot more items in the flat rate box or bag.

I find I must disagree with parts of these statements. Plain zippered bags/Pyrex do not work very well when air is touching any part of the frozen food. Perhaps you are very good at remembering the leftovers shoved in the freezer after dinner and when to use them but I wholly admit that I’m not. Plus as an avid deep-sea/bay fisherman, I have found that any air in contact will change the flavor of fresh fish. With my FoodSaver, I can remove all the air from the bag and the fish tastes just the same as the day I caught it.

I have tried the Ziplock vacuum bags and they work fine for some things but are kind of expensive for what you get. I bought some to try with the attachment from my FoodSaver but couldn’t get a full vacuum so I tried my Vac-U-Vin (wine) hand pump and it worked quite well but still isn’t worth the extra effort and cost.

I use my FoodSaver for many things as I mentioned in my post from the last sale;, but an added benefit is storing my sterling flatware and serving pieces in between uses. It stays bright, polished and ready to use without the need to replace the yards of “tired” Pacific cloth in my silver storage.