FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers or Bags Kit

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FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers or Bags Kit
Price: $18.99 - 39.99
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Reviews over at Target

I have an older version of the FoodSaver R-FSFSSL3230 V3230 Vacuum Sealing System. I’ve had it for about 5 years. Still works great.

3 things to note: Sometimes the seal is doesn’t seal very well, like if you’re trying to package something with a lot of moisture that come out during the sealing. The moist setting doesn’t seem to help much.

2nd: The bags can get expensive. I’ve bought after market bags which give you a little extra for 2/3s the price. they tend to be a little thinner ab damage/puncture a little easier than the food saver bags.

3rd:The sealer doesn’t vacuum pack bone in meat very well. any sharp corner on a bone can puncture the bag and not allow for a good seal.

Overall I really like the unit. Very handy for buying bulk chicken, lunch meats, ect. I’ve sealed everything from chips, to cheese, to salsa, and chicken noodle soup (pro tip: leave out the noodles before freezing)

So is this truly better than just taking a freezer bag and sucking the air out with a straw?

Nope! In fact, the ad revenue you make from YouTube videos of you sucking air out of freezer bags with a straw will offset any differences there may be.

This is the worst printer I ever bought.

Yes. Okay, your way may work just as good for standard size bag, but no comparison in the versatility of a foodsaver. I’ve had an older model and used for years. I use the containers all the time for cereals, flour, box potatoes, to marinade meat, etc. Also, foodsaver plastic rolls are much more versatile for sizing than using standard quart/gallon zip locks that you mentioned. They also sell an accessory to suck air out of opened wine bottles. Mine works well.