FoodSaver Vertical Flip 3-Speed Vacuum Sealer

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FoodSaver Vertical Flip 3-Speed Vacuum Sealer
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I don’t have this exact model but I am a long time owner of a FoodSaver machine and they will preserve frozen steaks, chicken culets and fish for years. I was freezing so much stuff I went and bought a chest freezer. I buy steaks on sale…a lot of them…and when I thaw, then grill some of them 3-4 years later, they taste like I just bought them home from the butcher. I’ve eaten salmon that was frozen for over 5 years that had no discernable difference from fresh. I wish there was a machine bigger enough to FoodSave myself so I could freeze myself and come back in 10 years looking as fresh and manly as ever.

Another long time Food Saver owner here, and this is a really decent deal with all the accessories/attachments. I use mine at least once a week with the canning jar attachment to keep sugar, nuts, chocolate chips, croutons etc., fresh. Once a month or so I seal and freeze fresh meat and chicken.
One thing about this appliance is, if it’s not on your counter, you’re not going to use it, so this model’s vertical storage feature will help with that,
I’ve had mine for at least 7 years and it still works fine.

How does this work for sous vide?

$75.37 at Wally World with free shipping.

Price depends on color. There are two additional colors. Free shipping trumps Woot shipping. (Ooo - can you say that word on Woot?)

should work just fine for that … I have seen it used for sous vide on at least one of the cooking shows.

I would not recommend submerging it in water.

It doesn’t have a reservoir for the rolls so you have to keep the roll separate, cut it yourself instead of pulling out what you need and using the slide blade. I have this and a higher end model that does have the roll reservoir.

That said, it works well in sealing food for sous vide. I use it for that often.

Mine will hold a small roll, but not the economical (large) sizes. I set the roll in front of my sealer and then pull the bag stock ‘backwards’ through the built in cutter slot and use that to cut it.

And I agree on sous vide; I bought mine largely for that purpose. In fact, now I’m thinking about this cowboy steak I have in the freezer . . .

The model number is stated as V2800. Yet, this model is not listed on the foodsaver website. (Doing a search for this model, only replacement parts are listed as available.) Is this a discontinued model?

I’ve got this model from a few years ago and yes it does indeed have a resevoir for a roll. If you look closely at the pictures there are some with the machine open where you can see it along with the guide for it. This is a good machine that we use all the time.

You’re assuming someone would want to THAW you.

This model was exclusive to QVC which is why you don’t see it on the FoodSaver site.

Thanks for the info