Fooseball's not the debil.

We need a football thread!

Ok, so maybe I just wanted to share this:


…and I’m out. //drops mic.

Let me know when you start the hockey thread! :wink:

Stay protected, Donkey Kong suit, teammate Nick Fairley…OK GOT IT…


Now I got it.

You should be in charge of that one.

I don’t know how he kept a straight face.

I thought for a brief moment that the same question and answer were on repeat HAHAHAH.

“Huh…maybe this You-Tube video is skipping…”


I did think that on the second question and actually restarted it.
Go Hawks

Go Seahawks

He only got it right once, at 1:19 when he said he was ‘focused on being protected from Donkey Kong [Detroit defensive tackle Ndamukong] Suh’ (emphasis mine).

Great interview!

Football thread. Good idea.

Yep. He kept saying ‘by’. I noticed that. Should have rehearsed more.

Walter Payton

Dan Marino

Jay Cutler…IN DA FACE!


I almost threw Skittles at the laptop…

'Scuse use me, I’m just gonna drop this right here…


BTW - ECHL level. Hasn’t made the big game yet, but he will. You heard it here first. :wink:

He’s also afraid of losing sleep and head colds: