Fooseball's not the debil.


They did the same thing against the Pats in the super bowl. We know how that worked out. It’s a shame some fans do such crap. Billboards and blimps are ok, but that crosses the line. I guess they only do stuff like that when they are scared. We are going to light them up today.


I thought I saw smoke.


The key to beating the Seahawks:

Be 2 or 3 scores behind in the fourth quarter.

Panthers played a great game!


Greg Olsen for President.


It was a damn good game. Watching the colts game now. I tried to use GPS walking around that city, but it doesnt work right. I ended up in the circle in downtown somehow. I think I might have been headed in the complete wrong direction. Either way, I knew where I needed to go after getting into the circle.




Just so it is easier for Dave to find…

Dave. I have a slideshow for you by one of our photographers. You will like it, it isn’t a trap.



Giddy up



We did pretty good this game…
I hope we can keep it up.


You will. That first stretch of games for you was rough. 3 that haven’t lost a game, played them in close games


8:30 game. Had a chance to go but I turned them down. Getting to old for that hoopla downtown at night… Got my big chair, TV and fridge. And I don’t have to stand in line for the bathroom.

Go Panthers…Let’s eat some more birds…Hawks tasted good, Eagles will taste better tonight…

Knock on wood…


Next up: Indy


It was a fun game to watch!
Congrats on the win!


Girls in Underwear Football League?

Taunting penalty???


We lost a good WR, Ricardo Lockette, for the season.
That really sucks…

It’s a bye week for the Hawks.


Thanks! Was a little too close. It’s like we play well, then let it get close to hide how good of a team we are. If we start putting together full games every week…



I’m afraid to say anything else. A little superstitious when it comes to football. Knock on wood…

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! 4:30…Keep pounding…


I hope we spank the Cowboys. Have a good Thanksgiving


Playing the Steelers.

We’re almost out of the playoff picture, though…