Fooseball's not the debil.


What a great game against the Vikings!
Still in the playoff picture…


Better off without Jimmy Graham.

As for us, 12-0 yay! Tied for the most wins in franchise history, 4 more games before playoffs. We may not have been a great team in most of our existence, but this season has been awesome.


I hope we get to meet in the playoffs!


It is looking possible. Arizona is going to be a tough team too


We’re almost in the playoffs!!!

We need to beat the Browns at home on Sunday, and one of these scenarios:

Scenario one:
•Seahawks win
•Giants lose to or tie undefeated Carolina Panthers

Scenario two:
•Seahawks win
•Washington Redskins lose to or tie Buffalo Bills

Scenario three:
•Seahawks win
•Falcons lose to or tie Jacksonville Jaguars
•Vikings lose to Bears
•Green Bay Packers beat Oakland Raiders

Scenario four:
•Seahawks tie
•Falcons lose or tie
•Giants lose

Scenario five:
•Seahawks tie
•Falcons lose or tie
•Redskins lose
•Eagles lose to or tie Cardinals




Beckham Jr should have been tossed before the end of the first half. Vegas covered their spread…

So many calls “missed”. When the network shows them over and over and the commentators comment…

Whatever, we won… Still kinda pissed…


Yeah. I’m not happy with how they let OBJ stay in. He should have been tossed multiple times. Josh kept his composure well after coach was warned, except for when OBJ went for his head.


Apparently, Holding is never called against the Gints either… They had free rein on that today too.

14-0. Not complaining but that was uglier than it should have been.


Did you get a Purrbacca shirt?


Thanks for winning, Panthers!

That, & us willing, put us into the playoffs.

We’re one step closer to meeting you in the playoffs!

Really looking forward to it!!!

Woo Hooo!


Are you going to come here to watch the game at BOA?


You’re welcome from the Browns too.


Rodney you’re old, be quiet.


Probably not.
I’ll watch 'em in San Francisco…

And special thanks to the Browns.
The game started out good for you!


Merry Christmas!


HAHAHAHHAHA! San Francisco. Good joke.


I got home.
Turned on the game.
Browns were up 7-0.
First play I saw was pass interference.
Seahawks tie the game.
Watched sporadically until I had to leave at halftime.
Didn’t watch another second.
There’s always next year.


Son of a bbbbbbbb. One of our dumbass practice players, who will be cut tomorrow, did walk up to Odell with the bat pre game. I am so disappointed right now. It’s ok to take it out of the tunnel, not so much to walk up to an opposing player with it in hand, good intentions or not.

Start at 9 seconds.

I bet Marcus Ball is cut tomorrow. That is who it is believed to have been. No worries, Cowboys will scoop him up.


I don’t know if they’ll kick him. The bat has been around for a number of games now. Rivera stopped it today. Odell is claiming that the bat intimated him and that’s why he was so hostile…Also, he’s claiming that were a number of homophobic slurs were directed to him in the pregame…

No, the bat does not need to be on the field. It was a team thing for Bene since he’s out for the season but really, Odell felt threatened by it?
Edit… Just looked at your video but didn’t see what you were talking about. Sure it’s there but didn’t see it. You maybe right. Rivera didn’t elude to that during today’s press conference but I didn’t hear the whole thing.