Fooseball's not the debil.


It is absolutely there, you can see it at 9 seconds when he is first walking in. Absolutely no excuse for Odell to act as foolish as he did, but our players can’t be walking up to the opposing team with a bat, good nor bad intentions. NFL sent out a memo about foreign objects on the field. Rivera had already said no more. In his press conference today he mention ‘an incident that the league is going to handle.’ I assumed this was it. They are going to let the league hand the punishment and just go with that, it sounds like. That is OK too.


The Browns flew into Kansas City for some reason today.

Spreading the love?


14-1 ain’t so bad.


Watching the last Seahawks game…

I should’a gone to the movies instead.


15-1 ain’t too bad either.

No need to thank us for stomping the Cardinals. Some of the sports sites had the Cards moving to #1 in the power rankings! You guys deserve that distinction…

Still hoping to meet in the playoffs. Go Hawks.


Yep, no need to thank you. We won our game, so your game didn’t matter :-P. I think we will be playing you guys and then the Cardinals. It’s a rough road in the NFC, but someone has to do it.

Hopefully we make Russ say “damn, I wish the link was that lit” after the game. I’m not sure what ‘lit’ means, but I think that’s in the context the kids these days use it.

Good luck this week. Not that you will need it.


Yeah, I think you’ll be playing the Redskins, then us.
It’ll be nice if a few of our starters finally make it back. We’ve been playing 2nd & 3rd stringers for too long.
May the best teams win! (and not be decided by crappy calls)


If you win, we play you regardless. You are the lowest seed. We play the lowest winning seed from the wildcard game.


So which team do I root for?

Bribes welcome.


The Greens.


Well now, no one is more surprised than I am and yet here we are awaiting the arrival of cheeseheads in Landover this Sunday.

And odd thing is the Redskins are actually playing like a team that not only deserves to be in the playoffs, but seem determined to stay in the playoffs.


There are some great teams in the playoffs. It will be fun to see what happens.
Go Hawks


Here’s hoping for a Seahawk/Redskin rematch at FedExField 01/24!


Y’all are going to win


You are just being silly now.


Go Hawks

WIN!!! Wooo Hoooo!

NEXT: Look out, Panthers…

You know, this is going to be a GREAT game! Sunday!


It’s Official.

LA sucks…

Now I have to get used to saying ‘LA Rams’ again!


Somehow I never stopped calling them the LA Rams. My son has been correcting me for years.

Now if only the Cardinals would move back to St. Louis…


Everyone is looking forward to this game on Sunday!
It’s gonna be a great game to watch, I hope no one from either team gets injured & that the refs aren’t idiots.

We did find out that playing football at -5 degrees turns into a defensive struggle…



Going to be 40 ish degrees. I better get some warmers