Fooseball's not the debil.


Whew! What a game for you to be at!
Congrats to the Panthers for blowing us out of the water in the first half. We just couldn’t get started for so long!
You can’t win when you play only 1/2 of a game with two turnovers.
I really was afraid we’d try to depend on Lynch too much, I think Lynch has slowed down. He should be good trading material, I hope.
Lesson learned: Don’t spot your opponent 31 points & expect to win.
Wait until NEXT YEAR!


I don’t know why you guys didn’t roll Russ out of the pocket all game. I figured y’all learned that lesson last week. Good game though, made me nervous late.


HEY! That’s the Browns’ Motto


Just bumping this up. There is only 5 games left and hopefully I’ll be able to breathe again February the 8th…


Congrats BSN!!!






I remember the feeling of going to Super Bowl… sigh…

Denver is very beatable. You guys should do pretty good, as long as the SB50 hype doesn’t get to you.


They tend to handle themselves well. They have plenty of guys who have been there before. I think they will keep everyone as calm as possible. I’m pretty damn excited though.

Denver has a great defense. I still think we can do our thing against them. Seattle and Arizona both have great defenses too. It should be a good game.


So, both end zones were painted Broncos. Guess we can’t score. My question is, is it a safety for the Broncos everytime the Panthers score?


Guess what tomorrow is? =D


Good Luck

I hope the Panthers kick the damn Broncos butts.

They are using crystal footballs to foretell the winner?


I think Peyton’s magic 8 ball said “outlook not so good”



Welp, it was a great season that vastly exceeded my expectations when Benji went down. The receivers showed why we need Benji yesterday. Two of the three question spots at the start of the season were offensive tackles and WRs. They played great all season. I was really happy with the way we played defensively, and heck, our offense even played better than Denver’s. Denver’s defense created turnovers on the right side of the field and we could not capitalize when we created them.

Again, great season. Congrats to those who are Broncos fans.


We had the same problem, too many players went down.
That was a real defensive struggle.

… NEXT year, look out!!!


Lynch announced his retirement.
I was hoping for a good trade for him…

Go Hawks.


Has Lynch made it pfficial? What a power he was.


On the Seahawks site, it sounds pretty official.
Of course, the retirement was ‘Lynch style’

He had an amazing career!