Fooseball's not the debil.


Waiting for Football season…



Josh Norman?



*The franchise tag had guaranteed Norman $13.95 million in 2016.

Norman had been seeking a long-term deal with the Panthers, who under the terms of the franchise tag would have had until July 15 to strike a deal.

The market suggests Norman could get anywhere from $15 million to $16 million in a long-term deal. That would make him the highest-paid corner in the league, with Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets currently setting the standard at $14,024,212.*

He’s looking for the $$$.
We play the Panthers again this year!!! Looks like a tough schedule. Go Hawks.


We were not going to give him more than $12 million per on a long term. It is going to sink someone’s cap though.

It’s still going to be a good game. I’m just glad we didn’t let ourselves become how the Seahawks were last preseason. Everyone was wanting to hold out for more money.


NFL Draft week!
Woo Hoo!!!

(though we do just as good with the undrafted players it seems)


It’s a shame we didn’t draft another CB though.


Well, it looks as though one team was willing to open the checkbook. Funny thing is it hasn’t sunk our cap…yet. Time to shuffle the deck, as opposed to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, which has been the Washington way of doing it for the past couple of decades.


They aren’t bad. They are working their way to being a decent team. They will be competitive. It may be another year or two before they can make a good run, if everything falls right.

And just for fun:


Woo Hooo!!!
Almost as much fun as watching a real game…

We’re in Kansas City today.


Until the 2nd half when you want to go to sleep because the people on the field are terrible.


This game was the best during the last 90 seconds. Amazing play by rookie players to win the game.
Go Hawks.


Nice. I am glad the preseason game wasn’t a complete snoozefest.


Seahawks play their next preseason on Thursday Night vs Vikings.
Go Hawks.
It’s still not decided who the back-up QB will be…


Preseason Game Numero 4. Then Thursday of next week… REGULAR SEASON! Woo


I’m ready for some football & as always optimistic.


Looks like I’m going to have a lot of free Sundays.


Thanks for the punter.


These last second games could give me a damn heart attack…

Go Hawks


The Seahawks need to improve…

Go Hawks!