Fooseball's not the debil.


What happened? I had you guys as a 15 point confidence score!


1- Rookie O-line
2- Wilson can’t scramble (ankle)
3- Defense not producing turnovers
4- Stupid damn penalties
5- More stupid damn penalties

sigh… it could be a long season…
Go Hawks


Ours is most likely over already


Things ain’t looking so sunny here in the land of the team name that offends some, either.


Wide left. Errrr


We’re 2-1
We played a great game.
Go Hawks.


We squeezed out a win last weekend.
I’ll take any win we get!
Injured players really suck.
Cam, Bennett, Luke, Rawls, we have some great players out and Wilson is still slowed by his brace…
Go Hawks.


A tie?
Maybe games need to be played until there’s a winner.




Has the season started yet?


What’s the over/under on Browns quarterbacks this season?


I’m thinking that the Seahawks may lose more games unless we just go ahead & put the back-up QB in for 2 or 3 games. This should have been done a few games ago…
Wilson’s legs just are not healing while he plays.



What he said.

Then again 4 hours of the game Sunday was painful enough.


Go Hawks!
Wilson caught a touchdown. Cool play.


Who would have thought. That was neat


I searched for how many QB’s have caught a ball for a touchdown.
I think it’s like 15 or so…


Which Seahawks will play?

The one that beat the Pats at home?
The one that can’t score in Tampa?
The one that beat Carolina?

Which team will show up in Green Bay next week…

ps… The Panthers Coach makes the team wear a tie while they fly across the country to play an away-game. That’s kinda messed up…


They wear a tie on all away games, yes. It is their dress code. Many teams have that. Saying that, I hope the whole team doesn’t wear a tie to the Redskins game to back their QB. However, Newton accidentally already flew back all his collared shirts. A tie would look stupid with a turtleneck. I back his decision to not look like an idiot.


Well, we got the NFC West.
While wearing one of the worst uniforms I’ve ever seen!

Go Hawks.