Fooseball's not the debil.


Whatever it takes…


Well, we won the first playoff game.

We actually played kinda good!

Go Hawks.


My old team is gone. The first team I ever really cheered for…
Gone to LA where everything dies.


BOOO L.A. Chargers!


It’s a damn shame to take a team with a supportive fan base and leave town. And aren’t they going to be playing in a 30,000 seat stadium for a few years? Well now that will be some excellent close-to-the-action viewing while it lasts, but it speaks to a bigger change in the

Ticket sales no longer matter.

Dave, I truly feel ya.


Speaking of moving.
Can someone take the Browns? Again?


Maybe next year!!

Go Hawks.


Topic: Which way do you see the result of Super Bowl LI?

Tom Brady’s triumph or Kyle Shanahan’s failure?


Looks like the Hawks are beefing up the O-line & we got a running back.
I hope they can give Wilson more than .75 seconds to make a play…

I don’t watch basketball, but…

In 1st place for the West Coast or something…


Meanwhile, after a disappointing season end but one filled with promise for 2017…the latest update on football in the Nation’s Capitol:


Falcons failure. :slight_smile:


Yup. Falcons defense…


While the defense failed, in my eyes it was a bone-headed decision by Shanahan to abandon the run late in the fourth when they were on the NE 22 - fairly good field goal position. A field goal would have given them an 11 point lead and left Brady about 3 minutes to score twice.

Not a clinch when Brady is involved, but a two score game.

Instead of running it up the middle to burn time and keep position, the Falcons line up in shotgun formation on 2nd down. The resulting sack moved them out back to the 35. The next play was also a pass, and holding was called on Atlanta. Move 'em back and call it 3rd and 33 from the 45. No longer a chip shot field goal.

The rest is history.

Damn pats.


Doug Baldwin won the 2016 NFL Network’s Catch of the Year.

A great one-handed catch, voted as best of the year! Great job, Doug.


Also, Lynch visited the Raiders (un-retire?)


It’s official.
‘Beast-Mode’ Marshawn Lynch is an Oakland Raider.
We got a 5th round pick next year for him.
The main thing is he didn’t un-retire and want to be a Seahawk. We’d have to pay him 9M if he did. Whew…


I love football.
Go Hawks.


Go Panthers!


I need this year to be a better year. I think it should be.


I’m hoping for a better year also.

GOOD LUCK to the Panthers (unless you are playing us)

It was interesting seeing the final cuts. We had to let some great players go!


When you have to let great players go, you are in a good spot.


The Browns can’t get much worse.

Might have Sundays free.