Fooseball's not the debil.


You start out playing the 40-Whiners? Should be a ‘W’ for you.

We play them right after you. STOMP 'EM!


Yeah, it looks like the Browns still have a ways to go before they can start winning many games.


Hawks are 1-1. The one win was a squeaker against the crappy 9er’s.

Our receivers ain’t receiving & the offensive line offends me.

shit. This could be a long season. Go Hawks.


NFL Football news!

The Hawks have dumped a lot of players this year. We really needed to rebuild our lines…
Go Hawks.


The Griffin brothers should be fun.


Yikes! We got killed last night.


From kick-off?


Nearly. We started with a TD drive, then the steelers got the ball and everything went to shit.


I didn’t turn it on until it was already the 2nd Q. Fell asleep before the half.


Falling asleep would have been a good thing.


Defense took the day off…

The Hawks have had some pretty bad games, the Rams this Sunday will be tough.


Short weeks are a killer.


Rams are a good team, but you SHOULD be familiar with them, being a division rival.


Thursday Night Football should be eliminated.
There’s just no time to train & there’s more injuries on the short week.


We’re familiar with Gurley…

  • our RB, Carson, is out.


Everyone agrees with this. Coaches, players, and pretty much all fans.


After the TNF win, Hawks are 5-5.
40% chance of making playoffs.
Go Hawks.

I still don’t like Thursday games.

Next week: We travel to play the Panthers. That’s a long way. Go Hawks.