Foot-Coverings (AKA Footwear)

I really like ZemGear’s shoes, and this is a good price for that particular model. I can’t recommend the 360s for concrete, though: the fabric around the edges is exposed to the road and wears through quickly. They have other models where the rubber soles come up around the sides that are much better suited.

The 360 is awesome for any wet environment, that being said. I’m picking up a pair for summer beach/boardwalk/river hiking.

Man!! I paid $20 for these a while back! I feel gipped…

I bought the Women’s Skora Phase recently. It feels really good to run. Very light, feels almost barefoot. Only problem is the heel is too tight and digs into the Achilles. I saw a review elsewhere that heel tightness improves with wearing in. I wrap a pad around the back of my heel with an ace, making them the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Not sure if I will buy another pair if the heel tightness doesn’t improve as it is annoying to have to wrap the ankle every time.

Has anyone tried the Head mens or womens tennis shoes

Bought the Zemgear 360 twice during two different sales. Both pairs I ordered in the black/red combo.

The first pair came to me in lime/black, which was really weird (and not the color I wanted at all). I contacted Woot and they gave me a refund and were awesome (which is great to see their customer service is definitely as awesome as it was back when I was more active!).

The second time I ordered a black/red pair and got them a half size smaller. They really need to fit snug, otherwise they feel weird on your feet. I can’t imagine wearing them with socks, either. I really like the feel and they’re very quiet and a lot less awkward than FiveFingers. I’ve worn them a few times to do broadcast studio work.

The only weird thing about the second pair was that the soles were two completely different shades of red. One bright red like the photo, and one super dark red. It made me scratch my head a little, but since they both were the same color and both matched what I ordered, I’m completely fine with it.