Foot Flush Classic Toilet Flusher

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Foot Flush Classic Toilet Flusher
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Woot! What are you doing!!

just add it to my bag o carp please. wadda you do run out of fine quality Razer refubs?

more toilet stuff?

In for three.

OMG - Amazon sold Woot! to Ollie’s Outlet!

uggh. boc, not pos.

Maybe this is their was of telling us that all the crap is gone.

Man, that’s a cool looking phone.

This woot-off has gone down the crapper.

There’s definitely a toilet theme with this woot off. But I appreciate the nod to hygiene, Woot!!

Can I use it to flush my Mac?

double-ewe tee eeeeeeeeeffffffffff

Same price as a bushel of cranberries, and yet, it does the opposite, by eliminating said “cranberries”.

Installation is a breeze!

Will this work with the 2 button flush thing from earlier today? Lol.

Bring on the flashlights , I’m going to bed.

Give #2 the boot…

woot off is over folks