Foot Warmers 20-Pack

I got some cold tootsies!

Man, what I wouldn’t give for a 20 pack of hotties! In for 3 x 20 = 60 hotties!

Too bad they’re so large–they only fit women’s size 9 and larger. That’s why they’re in the Woot-off! The S/M fits sizes 5-8:

Otherwise would be a no-thinker!

I work for the USPS… Walk a 15 mile route each day (yes, 15 miles when you add up all the loops)… In NJ… It gets damn cold in the winter. Now if only they’d offer some of the hand warmers…

Meh, the warmers at the Target near me are $1/ea all winter long. They’re not foot-shaped and don’t have adhesive backing, but in addition to regular-sized warmers they do have 2-packs of smaller warmers (same price) and those fit in my shoes.