Football Deals

Why are people not freaking out about their school not on the list??

Oh, well.

UW Huskies… Good bye Dawgfather…


The Montana glass looks more like the logo for the University of Maine. Just a thought.

I feel like the football table lost out cause it does not look like it can be folded down, just taken apart. Who wants a table they have to assemble each time?

Montana State looks like Michigan.

What you have listed as New Mexico is New Mexico State. UNM are the Lobos; NMSU are the Aggies.

Just received the two sets of the clear plastic collegiate glasses I ordered this week. One word: WEAK.

Scratched and scuffed. Thin plastic, not impressed at all.

Definitely not worth $2.50 each. These look like something you’d find at a dollar store.

Will try to return them.