Football is back!!! How is your team doing?

My team can only go up. We were 2-12 last season. We haven’t signed Cam Newton yet but have a number of our core free agents signed.

But…They just let our last “Original Panther” go…Last one…John Kasay…he won more games for us than any other player in the team’s history. His replacement, 38 years old to Mr. Kasay’s 41, had a worse record than John did last year. The only reason we won 2 games was because #4 carried the team like he has for the last 16 seasons…

Okay…So, how are things in your NFL world?

The Bengals have the highest number of arrests in the NFL. Does that count? There was recently a two-week period where there were three arrests.

NFL = National Felon League…

I’m going to guess your guys are leading the preseason…

I am excited that football is officially back on. Go Bears!

Now I need to do research for my fantasy teams.

The Texans were all geared up and ready to go the instant the deal was announced.

that is until they choked.

Yeah so we went 14-2 last season, but now I have to cheer for Albert Haynesworth (our defense SUCKED last year) so I can understand…but Ochocinco!!!

WTF :mmm:

Teams? Who cares! They’re gonna play!!!

As a Bills fan I can only expect things to go better than last year… I mean improving on a 4-12 season shouldn’t be too hard…

Texans won tonight! :slight_smile: yay! Too bad it doesn’t count yet.

Good luck with him. He sure didn’t do us much good.

anyone know if Cruzer is going to run his football pick-em game again this year?

I hope so. That was fun last year.

My team won their first preseason game. If they win another game, pre or season game, we’ll tie our entire record from last year. No place to go but up.

Too bad New England didn’t give him the number 83, 84, or 86…Would he have changed his name again?

If they had, Would he have spelled it correctly this time?

Them Patriots are looking GREAT so far! Go Patriots!!!

Who’s Cruzer? :tongue: