FootJoy Blemished Golf Gloves

No Baskets Of Cheese in here.

Buyer beware. $9.99 is a good price on Pure Touch or StaSof, but if you wind up with WeatherSof gloves you’re losing money because that’s a $9 glove. I’d buy if I had a choice on what I received. No thanks on this one, Woot.

hm… what an amazing surprise. I got my “glove” today. A box of 12 arrived.

What a deal!

i bought 3 gloves.
3 boxes.
great, now i have 36 gloves.

hahaha at least you’ll never have to buy gloves again… unless you play 5 times a day

Got mine today. Ordered RH glove, got LH instead. Checked my order info to see if it was my mistake. Nope, I ordered the correct gloves.

Front of packages clearly says RH glove. On back the inventory barcode sticker clearly says LH glove.

Not happy.

Sorry about that. If you haven’t already, please email with your situation and order info.


I have filled out the support form and I am waiting for a (non-automated) response.

I also got a whole box of gloves that I cannot use. I ordered women’s right small and got a box of women’s left small. I filled out the support form and have not gotten a response.

48 business hours and I have still not gotten a response.

Anyone home?

Oh man. I escalated your info; you should get a response soon.

Thanks. I can send you the case # if that helps.

It should be fine with your user name, but I’m happy to include your Case #. You can PM it to me so we keep your personal info protected.

Mailing label received today. Disappointed that there was no stock to resend the right (i.e., left) ones but I expected that.

Thanks again for your help.

I filled out the support form on monday the 21st and have not got a response back. Are you too busy with the woot off?

i hv the opposite problem, ordered left glove (for RH golfer), and i got right hand glove…also not happy

Sorry about that. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.