FootJoy Men's Contour Golf Shoes

No 13 medium. :frowning:

Is there any reason to go with these over the pair they had a few days ago?

we want hiking gear woot! get your head in the game.

Coincidentally the bottom of these shoes resemble my dad’s feet when I didn’t pick up my jacks.

I have no sound right now (haven’t unpacked speakers) but I’m going to pretend this is a great video review

this morning the site said I had free shipping for 24 hrs but when i just went to purchase something it wants me to pay $5 shipping. My first purchase was early this morning, so Im confused and hesitant on purchasing anything else for

The woot 24-hour day extends from midnight to midnight central time, regardless of what time of day you make your purchase.

I find FootJoy to be a fine choice for a golfing shoe. They fit comfortably, and I can play a full 18 holes without the feeling as if I had exercised at all.

I think that has to deal more with golf rather than the shoe… :stuck_out_tongue:

These also have a secondary benefit as self-defense weapons if you ever run into trouble–like a gang of upset caddies–and you don’t have your clubs.

I have two pairs already, it is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. And I don’t mean just golf shoes.

How is the sizing? True to the number, smaller, bigger?

I love mine, which I bought on clearance from a sporting goods store earlier this summer. These are GREAT shoes, and they come in wide sizes!

You get full grain leather and a super soft insole for a very comfortable fit. They probably won’t last as long, but they’re more comfortable than shoes I’ve paid over $300 for.

My only complaint is that the leather is a bit too soft, so it creases easily.

I have flat feet, and need a shoe with little or no arch. Anyone know what the arch is like in these shoes?

The arch is normal-low. I would say less arch than Brooks shoes or Asics but enough to be very comfortable.

I played 18 with mine out of the box (needed waterproof shoes one day) and they were more comfortable than my broken in golf shoes. I highly recommend these!

2 year waterproof guarantee as well I believe.

What happens if they don’t fit? Can I send them back to WOot for refund?

Great shoes for those dew soaked morning rounds. Glad to see they are not “refurbished”

COME ON! Just bought a pair of these from my local golf store for $100. These things are insanely comfortable. Keep in mind that they seem to run about a size bigger. I normally wear a size 12 or 13 shoe and the 11-wide FJ Contour is almost too big for me. These bad boys are fairly classy looking also. I’ve got them in black and they look like a dress shoe.

Pricing for it is really 74.99 so still a great deal but just wanted to point that out. I did see it reach 100 however. footjoy is a great brand and an awesome shoe

I can pretty much guarantee you that my feet are flatter than yours and I find the Contours to be very comfortable.

For the ultimate in comfort, you should consider getting custom-molded arch inserts. They’ll make virtually any pair of shoes you put on feel like personalized slippers.

Golf shoes are a waste of money unless you are playing speed golf. And a real gamble buying on Woot since they do not back their products.