FootJoy XPS-1 Men's Golf Shoes

**Item: **FootJoy XPS-1 Men’s Golf Shoes
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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4/22/2013 - $79.99 - 8 comment(s)

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Great shoes at great price. i am buying all 3 colors for my size.

Some good reviews on the Product Page and at Dicks

Those spikes will not be allowed on a bunch of courses…

Very aggressive…

If I order the wrong size, since FootJoy shoes have always been a weird fit on me (sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller than the 12 I wear in Adidas shoes) would I be able to switch them for another size if any are still available even after the sale?

Here’s a review of this shoe.[youtube=d_QqqtoifIQ][/youtube]

Those are actually pretty standard spikes. Also, I’ve never ever ever been spike checked on a golf course. Did I say ever? Because I meant it.

More good golf shoes for women, please!

How about some bowling shoes??

Not to mention they’re not actually “spikes”. I was denied access to a couple of courses years ago as many were transitioning away from steel spikes. But I’ve never been anywhere that denies access for soft spikes.

I have these and I find them nice, but I like a shoe with a little less grip. I think you would break an ankle before these ever twisted in the turf.

Where are my shoes! 8 business days and still have not been shipped:(

hmm. sorry about that. have you emailed for specific order info? as a lowly moderator, i’m afraid i don’t know much.