FootJoy XPS-1 Men's Golf Shoes

Check out these comments from when this was offered in July

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Perfect reviews over at the product page

Are these the same shoes that I tried to purchase a few months ago and that after three weeks of waiting I was told they were not in stock? So are they now in stock, or is this Groundhog Day?

My brother, who was (for a number of years) a corporate-leading Sales associate for Golf Galaxy in shoes tells me the XPS-1 is by FAR the most stable shoe sold by FootJoy. He also tells me $80 is a virtual steal of a price (even though these styles are presumably closeouts). Wish I’d know these particular styles were coming down the pike, or I’d likely have passed on the black stripe with red accents from earlier this year.

Not sure but we don’t maintain warehouse stock like other large online department stores. We buy only what we think we can sell in one day (doesn’t always work out thet way, of course). So it’s possible that we’re we out of stock at that time. This would be new stock.