Footwear and Accessories Garage Sale!

Woot, to its credit, doesn’t seem to be repeating the claims made by the charlatans that sell “powerbands.” That said, I’m still a little surprised to see new-age drivel like this on Woot.

So if they look neat to you, alright, they’re cheaper here than in most places. I wish no one would support companies and products like this though. You can get rubber bracelets that at least donate something to charity instead of claiming to be magical.

but they’re “genuine” power bracelets. given their history you wouldn’t think they would emphasize that.

I agree there… I’m personally rather fond of the Placebo Band brand of such items.

I’m rather happy that the local sports arena got someone else to sign on for the naming rights. Legitimizing snake oil makes my skin crawl.

I’m guessing Woot probably got them sight-unseen, in a load of ‘sporting goods’. Perhaps they should just shove them all into one HUGE box and give them to some Bravo Charlie winner who may or may not have cheated…

I don’t know that Woot is really supporting them, it’s not like Woot is stocking these to sell as a regular item.

I received the Chaos Womens Hats a few days ago! They are great quality, and a bit heavier weight than I initially expected. The only thing to be aware of is that they are fairly small and definitely a “fitted” style hat. I by no means have a large head, but I have to really pull down hard to ensure the hats stay in place, otherwise they will slide up a bit.

I still think they’re a great deal. They came with price tags on them showing they are $23.99 a piece.

Are you kidding? These things (power bands) have been popping up on woot every month or so going back months if not years! The only way they could be more regular would be if they were on sale every day.

anyone know how these shoes run? big, small? I am not familiar with the Keen brand

Power Balance Wristbands! 90% off you say?! In for 3, I say!

Gods of the holograms, please accept me as a worthy servant and endow me with your powers of balance!

Presumably Woot buys them for resale, which is about as supportive as you can get. Unless they “fell off a truck.”

You could probably buy a few of these and then resell them at a higher price on the street, you know, if you’re a terrible person.

I think I’m going to start buying these powerbands as gifts for people I don’t like.

see, that’s a constructive way to help us unload these things. thank you.

A match and some kerosene would be an even more constructive and certainly faster way to get rid of these things.

Question for Woot staff? As to the purchasing agent that grabbed these for Woot, does he/she still draw a paycheck from you?

I remember when woot had great deals on great products. You had to log on early enough to get stuff before they sold out.

Now they offload crap like this onto their customers. They must really like us. :expressionless:

Power Balance wristbands? Whatever these things are, they easily go for $1.80 a piece.

Just wanted to say that I loved the Flex watch I got during the sale over the winter. It’s really big and ticks loudly, but it’s a great accessory, and it gets constant compliments.

Don’t give them any ideas,…

Presumably Woot bought a ton of these months ago and they’re still taking up space in the warehouse. Some buyer screwed up, and Woot has been paying for it ever since.

Woot has gone from repeating the claims to joking about them to ignoring them completely.

Ideally they’d just take the loss and dump the lot, but that’s apparently not going to happen.

Love those useless Power Bands! Who would waste the money, honestly!

i don’t know what you are all complaining about.

when we were without power after sandy for two weeks, i put two of these on and went happily about my business. was the envy of the entire neighborhood.