Footwear Clearance

I bought the Teva Men’s Universal Sandals, in evergreen color, about a month and a half ago and couldn’t be more pleased. Being able to adjust both the upper and lower Velcro straps make them feel like they’re custom fit evertime I wear them. That, along with not having a strap between my toes, makes them the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned. I paid $5 more than their current pricing but because they are ‘all day’ comfortable I still feel like I got a bargain.

I also just bought the Jambu Navigators, for $2 more than their current pricing and, having worn them now for 4 days, would have been willing to pay their $99 list price! I just keep saying “wow” to myself, mainly because I’ve never experienced shoes so light and comfortable, but also because of the fabulous deal I got on them. Every place online wanted $99 except for Amazon, they wanted $79.99 for size 10’s. There were 5 reviews on Amazon and everyone was a 5 star review. They are, literally, ‘slip-on’ sneakers as advertised. I’m disabled and can only walk short distances with a quad cane so the fact these are faster and easier for me to put on is great and the fact they’re so light is a godsend. The Jambu website says their shoes adhere to US standard sizing, so I reviewed those standards online and, after measuring my feet per instructions, my longest foot was a fraction over 10½" (10½" is a size 9½) so I ordered these in size 10 and they fit perfectly! Again, these are ‘slip-on’ shoes. The foot opening is stretchable and the material ‘hugs’ my feet. These fit so nice I won’t ever have to use the lacing ‘system’. Anyone who’s been thinking of getting these, if they have your size, hurry up and order them!

And regarding the post just prior to mine, I think these shoes are beautiful! To ‘fp64’, didn’t your parents ever tell you if you can’t say something nice, …well, you know!

The Teva Universals definitely aren’t my favorite design, but for the price…
I had to get a pair, plus I love Tevas.

Buying my second pair of the Head tennis shoes for women. I play 5 to 6 hours of tennis a week(mostly hardcourt) and these shoes are a deal. They are comfortable and the soles are wearing well.

I bought a pair of the HEAD Men’s Speed III Team Tennis Shoes last time for $25. Good athletic shoe, does fit true to size (11.5 fit though 12 would’ve worked too; I like a little extra room for special sole inserts & lacing up extra tight!). Great deal, hope this helps someone :wink: