Foppiano Alexander Valley 2002 Sangiovese Quartet


It forgot all of my info, but I’m in for one. Maybe the website has been drinking a little too much.


yep same here…but i’m in for a quartet anyway!


Foppiano Alexander Valley 2002 Sangiovese Quartet

  • $5 shipping
    4 Foppiano 2002 Sangiovese Alexander Valley

The Foppiano website lists the price per bottle at $17.50. So, it’s close to buy two, get two free. Good deal.


anyone know how good this one is? i love sangiovese’s


It’s $16-17 wine everywhere else. Also an award winner and can be cellared for 10 years, according to one blurb I saw.

woot rawx!!


Not first post tonight. Oh well, here’s my usual info . . . - $13.82 each (SOLD OUT) - $15.99 each $33.97 Savings with woot! - $17.99 Suggested Retail Price $31.97 Savings with woot (Not counting shipping)

Winery’s Homepage


Wine Enthusiast Magazine gives it an 86 at $17.00/bottle and sez:

“Here’s a wine that will even please those who say they don’t like red wine. It’s nice and light but with delicious flavors of ripe red stone fruits and spicy red berries and a touch of vanilla. Feels silky and clean through the spicy finish.”

#10 sells it for $13.82, but is out of stock.

From CellarTracker:
Tasted by rjonas on 6/25/2006 & rated 90 points: Very full bodied Sangiovese. Smooth finish. Rich texture. Elegant blend of strawberries and black bing cherries. Ripe tannins (63 views)
Tasted by kmontgom_34 on 8/19/2005 & rated 88 points: (187 views)

CT’s community is saying to drink it from 2005-2010, FWIW…

(Still searching)


This does look to be a nice deal. Nice offer Woot!

I noticed that [moderator edit] rotated their wine about an hour earlier than Woot. Its a Lennards Crossing Merlot at $5.99 a bottle. You can check it out at [moderator edit]

Again, I got an awesome deal on these Clos Du Bois Marlstone at $22.99. I can’t find it anywhere for less than $45 and I’ve seen it as high as $70 a bottle. I’m assuming that their e-newsletter will alert everyone about new wine offers (which, according to the site, change at 11:59PM each night with some marathon sales from time to time).

This [moderator edit] site is also very attractive, although the wine did not change tonight over there. Thanks for that link!


Ahh, sheesh. I told myself okay only one sample of each wine from now on, becuase I have WAAY too much around here. And they want me to resist a $10 bottle that gets a nice review like this, nice and light for summer drinking, and can hang around at least until 2010. Looks like another case, dammit!


I’m confused by something you said there and that I’ve read, too…How can it be light and full bodied at the same time? I’m confused!

I still have the after-taste of the MacRostie in my mouth. Bleh…


Am I blind? What size ml bottle is this, does it say?


I’m not seeing anything on the size of the bottle. Only thing I see regarding mL is refering to the “Total Acidity: 0.64 grams / 100mL.” Probably a 750 mL bottle if I was to take a guess. Heck, the 750 mL bottle is what Web Wine and Just Grapes are selling.


Still don’t have my Merlot, but I wooted this one anyway. I’m new to wine, and this one sounded really good.


Oops… sorry, i only paid $27 for tax and shipping… so, I added about $4.50 a bottle to the $22.99 price for Clos Du Bois Marlstone (1999)… shipped to my door. they just got even cheaper… lol –

Again, please share other sites like [moderator edit]… I’d like to bookmark them all.


Is anyone else worried about wine shipments in the heat of the summer? I’d hate to get four bottles of cooked wine.



I’m going to hazzard a guess that you’re affiliated with the first site you keep mentioning. I could easily be wrong - but I want to state the following anyways, so thank you for the chance.

Normally we’re very open about all information being shared, especially good or bad on the product, wine.woot etc… However, as experienced over the past couple years on woot, the compulsion to post repeatedly with site mentions (weak posts and signature links) is too much for site owners to resist. This is especially true when they feel a moral high-ground from sharing sites that they feel “honorably compete” with woot or match the demographics of woot members.

While it would be wrong to suggest no on here is interested in any referrals at all(or that “competition” should be avoided), we do desire to avoid these links appearing in the product discussion areas. As a secondary effort, we would push a preference that 3rd party sites (like blogs, wikipedia or for instance) perform the task of reviewing similiar site concepts.


You have a point. But editing out the URLs just makes woot look really, really bad. I would suggest you either leave it, or delete the post entirely.

I’ve looked at the other sites before you edited out the URLs, and I see nothing that beats wine.woot. I think woot should be confident in its site and the intelligence of its audience, and stick to focusing on getting good deals and fulfilling orders quickly. Censoring the forums is a waste of your time and only makes you look like you don’t think you’ve got the best deals and customer confidence.