Foppiano Library Petite Sirah: RPM III Tour

RPM, do you have any experience with older PS’s in magnum format? I have a '79 Concannon I need to find an occasion to open.

So, I’ve been searching for the numbers that were taken at bottling, but I have not found them… I will keep looking though! As for current pH/TA’s here goes…

1996- pH- 3.68, TA 0.61g/100mL
1997- pH- 3.62, TA 0.66g/100mL
1998- PH- 3.59, TA 0.69g/100mL

Thank you! I had a great time giving the tour. Everyone had good questions and input!

Yours was definitely the best vineyard tour and we lucked out by running into your foreman (Miguel?) working with his crew and Paul on the tractor with some oversized hedge-clipper blade attachments that would make Edward Scissorhands jealous.

You were an excellent tour guide and Natalie did a great job leading us through the tasting. I regret not buying more of your wines when we were there but happy to have another opportunity to pickup the PS library vertical today.

Must be a sign. No CT. So no purchase for me. (And yes, I have very willing enablers, I mean wootleggers.) No direct shipping pushed me back over the fence.