Foppiano Vineyards Petite Sirah

These aren’t much off of the winery price but they are pre-aged which makes this interesting. The CT link on the 96’ has a less than great review and the reviwer seems to think its fading fast. Which is quite opposite to the reviews for the 97.

Has anyone had these and can they expand on whether these are age worthy?

Note that the 1996 is Estate Bottled. The other 2 are Sonoma County.

As to drinking, Kent has mentioned that PS can go thru a “dumb” phase (where the wine is muted) which starts somewhere between 10 and 15 years after vintage, and can last for 5 to 10 years.

So these could be in (or just starting) a “dumb” phase, thus the bad review on CT for the one.

I picked up two sets of the Vertical trio, one set to try now, and one to hold.

And note that you save more by buying the trio.

This is an interesting one for me just because it’s not often (for me) to get the chance to try something this well-aged. Have to debate on this one, as the pricing isn’t spectacular.

i love this deal. Access.

Very interesting offer, WD.

When I think about aged wines, I think Bordeaux, Burgundy or maybe a Napa Cab… but Sonoma Petite Sirah? Not so much…

…but then we tasted these here, and wowza… what a trip. The fruit is still showing nicely in all 3. In the '97, the fruit was surprisingly still in the front seat… in the '98 and '96, secondary characteristics were sharing the spotlight with the fruit. Others in the office favored the '97 for the strength of the fruit, but I liked the '96 best for it’s complexity… leather, a hint of bitter chocolate, earthiness… all sorts of stuff.

If you’re a Petite Sirah fan, or if you enjoy unique tasting experiences, jump on board… you’ll enjoy this one. Limited supplies, get 'em here or at the winery, but get 'em while you can,

I’m very tempted by this deal.
I can’t comment on these particular wines, but I can say that a visit some friends and I had to Foppiano’s tasting room several years ago was exceedingly pleasant. They were friendly and knowledgeable without a hint of pretension. It really felt like the family farm that it is.

Agreed. But you got me tapped out after the Wellington. No more great offers for a while, k? :slight_smile:


I’m surprised PetiteSirah hasn’t chimed in about these. But I think he may be a trifle busy lately. :wink: