Foppiano Vineyards Summer Mix (6)

Foppiano Vineyards 2011 Summer Mix 6-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $99.00) 24% off List Price
3 2011 Estate Bottled Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River Valley
3 2011 Estate Bottled Rosé, Russian River Valley
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Had this on the RPM tour in July. We had the 2010 SB and this same 2011 rose. Notes:

2010 Estate Sauvignon Blanc

  • Color: watery, yellow
  • Nose: moderate intensity, youthful; notes of orange blossom, mint, apricot, and cantelope
  • Palate: dry, med body, tart-crisp acidity, moderate flavor intensity; pear, lemon, a note of honeydew, and some cream on the finish
  • Notes: good flavor and finish for such a light wine
  • 2/5
    2011 Rosè (50% PS, 50% pinot noir)
  • Color: pale, salmon
  • Nose: moderate intensity; mostly strawberry, hint of grapefruit, rose (?)
  • Palate: dry, light body, crisp acidity, low-moderate flavor intensity; light strawberries and cream.  Med finish
  • Notes: decent light summer wine with not much complexity
  • 1.5/5
    These weren’t anything to crow about. They won’t be awful at this price but won’t blow your mind either.

Really the thing I recommend everyone get is something from the Foppiano woot plus deal on right now…GOOD aged Petite Sirah at what really is a reasonable price for 15 year old wine. Heed this though: open that stuff and let it breathe for a while (hour+) it may be funky upon opening)

Oh, and for those who would complain about the % discounts on both Foppiano offers… They price quite fairly to begin with, no hyper inflation of retail prices as many other vineyards do. And remember… $5 shipping and tax is counted in too.

I would reiterate what cmaldoon had to say. Nice wines for the summer, at a reasonable price.

I really enjoyed touring their winery and walking the vineyards with the owner. I very nice, mild mannered individual. Met his vineyard manager, too, as well as their new winemaker.

Do you recall what the misbottled special we were offered at a ~50% iirc discount was?
Still waiting for my shipment and don’t recall exactly what I purchased there.

Have to agree, Foppiano and Pedroncelli both avoid retail price inflation we experienced at other to remain un-named stops.

It was the 2010 SB. Vintage before the one offered

I agree these are very nice Summer/Indian Summer wines at a very fair price - you have to appreciate some of the old Sonoma County wineries like Foppiano and Pedroncelli who amortized the cost of their land before WWII and who have kept their costs down and prices reasonable.

They know their wines, their market, and provide well-made, solid, rarely flashy, wines you and your friends will thoroughly enjoy and always find to be good value for money. Honest to a fault.

Note, too, their best wines age well, and if you can bring yourself to put down a box or so Foppiano Petit Sirah or Pedroncelli Cab in a good year and forget about it for 10 years, you’ll have delicious wine that punches well above its price point.

Off topic - any chance of getting Meeker back on WW soon? My teeth are losing their purple glow.