For People at Work


Last couple of days people have complained about non-work-safe pictures being put up in the discussion threads.

Straight from the “What is not allowed in the community” rules:

  1. Do not post anything that isn’t safe for work, or safe for kids. Again, think PG-13. We’re sure you’re aware that there are plenty of forums on the web that would love to have your smut. This is not one of them, and we’ll enforce it. Complain about it too much and we’ll tell your grandma what a sicko you are.

So, be kind and all that jazz, please?



In WoW it’s a little different, and we clearly label all things that aren’t safe for work NSFW.


Thank you for saying this. Watch out you perverts! We’re gonna get you and make you watch barney videos all day.


Woot really needs to realize that they need to make more mods for the woot offs. Even if it is just for the woot off and it is only to remove posts.
A bunch of us would be willing to do that.
I wouldn’t want to be a mod, but I would remove stuff that is dirty from the threads for a day or two.


Each post in a product thread during a Woot-Off should cost the poster $0.50. That’d keep the noise down a tad, or at least pad the company picnic fund a bit…


Yeah, I agree with what D’name just said.


woot off volunteers


Don’t mention that anywhere else. They might charge other fees as well.


Deputizing Mods for the Posse during the Woot-Offs…


but they will probably treat us like barney rubble and only give us one delete post…



and I am posting to post.


seems like a good thing to do