For Pet's Sake: End of Year Clean Up

The serta couch dog beds are only $46.99 at samsclub. Just bought one in brown for my Dobie.

Our Serta was custom made for us. The difference you’ll see from other similar looking pet beds is that ours has GEL MEMORY FOAM with the orthopedic foam. This combo of gel and orthopedic is being used in high end mattresses!

GEL MEMORY FOAM is the latest in sleep technology. It provides a soft but supportive feel and the natural cooling properties in the Gel allow for increased air flow and a more comfortable, cool sleep.

Which side goes on top of the Serta memory foam beds: The gel layer or the orthopedic foam layer?

Coolaroos are better dog beds. Keeps them up off the floor – eliminates flea issues and very easy to keep clean. With two labs & a terrier we need help with fur control. Great for warm weather or older dogs. Just sayin’ I’d buy one if you happened to find a deal on them, hint, hint!

WTF is my local post office asking me to sign for this item and then lying about someone not being home to sign for it?

sorry for the problem. Not sure what the item is but your delivery person can make a decision to require a signature.