For Pet's Sake: Furhaven Beds & More



Don’t buy the furniture covers. They don’t fit right, they shrink when washed getting smaller and smaller. Waste of my money.


Many thanks! I was going to ask Woot what the fabric content was (poly, cotton, rayon?) since it’s described as “quilted”. I figured there might be filler between the micro-suede.

But if it shrinks, it’s not worth it. My darling couch needs protection, and she is too long, and too young, to need anything ‘shrunk’, exposing her plump, cushiony goodness to the outside world!


are the ortho bed covers removable and washable?


Yes! The Ortho Bed covers are zippered and removable for washing. Covers may be machine washed (warm; separately; no bleach) and tumble dry on low.


Hi Mick - FurHaven Home furniture protectors are a brand new product line never run on Woot before. Perhaps you experienced this issue from another manufacturer? Our top fabric is faux suede (aka “microsuede”). This material is soft and lustrous but also 100% polyester which makes it easy to clean and shrink free. Filling is a polyfiber batting with a polyester non-woven backing. Machine washable. Thanks!


You are correct, the ones I bought were made by K & H pet products ( I had to go look at the tag), these covers all have the same look to me. I have not bought any Furhaven products so I can not attest to the quality.


Oh,I forgot to ask are these products made in China? Thanks


One more feature on these - the backing is treated to be water-resistant so that will help with spills, too.


Hi Mick - Our products are always designed in the US but whether they are manufactured in the US or overseas depends on the item. In the case of the furniture protectors/covers, those are currently manufactured in China to our specs. If your inquiry is about the ortho mats - those are made in the USA of both domestic and imported components. Thanks!


How thick is the foam in the ortho beds?


Hi there - for the convolute (“egg-crate”) cores, we cut the foam for the large at 3.5" and the foam for the jumbo/xlarge at 4.5". However, the cover pulls them down a bit so you should expect them to look 3" and 4" respectively. Please note: These will be compressed for more efficient shipping so they come in looking like pancakes sometimes. Happily, we use high-grade foam that will recover from all that squishing if given a little time. If yours is taking too long (or you’re just naturally impatient like me), steam will fluff it right up. :o)


What do we do if we’ve had a tracking number since 12/24 but it’s still not found in USPS system and we still have yet to receive it?