For Pet's Sake: Furhaven

For the FurhavenTiger Tough Window Perch, which one is Choc and and which one is Espresso?

Good question, I’ll let you know what I hear back from our buyer.

The Furhaven Ultra Plush Oval Bed- 5 Sizes, 4 Colors but the Jumbo is not listed at all in the spec by name or with the length x width.

Can you let me know what they are please? I won’t be ordering until I see a post. Thank you.

Jumbo specs are 42"x29". Should be added to the specs, too.

Also for the window perches:

Chocolate has the polka-dots and Espresso is the darker brown listed second

Thank you!

Hi! Do you know the measurements of the platforms on the cat tree. Two of my cats are huge(20lbs). Also is it sturdy. Thanks, kathryn

Can you link me to the one(s) you’re interested in?

Hi, for the Snuggle Terry & Suede Bed: the picture labeled as “Camel” is a more beige color, but when I add it to my cart the thumbnail is of the picture labeled “Clay” (a more orange color), and vice versa. Which color do I select to get the more beige version? “Camel” or “Clay”?

Good question. I just sent a note to they buyer. I’ll update you when I know more.

Update: They were labeled incorrectly (now fixed). What you saw in the cart was correct.

Manufacturer for the cat stairs? It does not appear to be furhaven. Nothing like that is mentioned on their site. I’d like to know about the construction. When - not if - my cats wee on it, I’d like to know it isn’t particle board that will disintegrate.

It may be a special-made product. I see it on a couple other sites as “Furhaven”.

Bought the “Furhaven Snuggle Terry & Suede Bed” last time. The picture makes it look nice, but in reality its a piece of trash. Seriously, don’t waste your money.

I wrote to furhaven. It is theirs. They use particle board.