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The prong collar appears to be the cheap kind where the ends of the prongs are not rounded–they appear to be cut square with sharp edges. I would not put these on a dog. I LOVE my prong collars when used correctly on the right dogs, but the design of these is something I would not recommend. Rounded prong tips ONLY. I want the dog to respond to the gentle pressure and release of the collar itself, not the pain from sharp edges digging into the skin.

THe links on the “choke chain” also appear to be too long to have a proper corrective action and release. IME, tighter-link chain is more appropriate (e.g. Herm Sprenger, Titan or Mueller brands). As a simple non-slip collar, it will suffice, but if one is using these in an actual training situation utilizing humane and effective leash corrections, long-link chain collars are a very poor choice–look up “fur saver” collars for an extreme example. Very popular with the working- or sport-dog people, but overall pretty useless.

Why the heck are you selling these torture devices? animal cruelty on sale.

bull crap you are selling this item

Hey all. We’ve removed the prong collar. We didn’t mean to offend.

Okay guys.

I have two dogs, and their nails grow like crazy. I’m spending 28 a month to get them taken care of.

I’m a huge vagina when it comes to cutting their nails, I’m afraid i’ll mess it up. How easy is it?

I have purchased the Furry Go Round and Knotty Kitty for my cat few months back. Both are good but my cat loves Furry Go Round better than the other.

I want to purchase the synthetic sheep skin bed. I have a 24" cage. Which size I should purchase? Also, has anyone used this before in a crate?

completely depends on the dog. my two dogs hate having their nails trimmed. one will bite the crap out of me, and the other wiggles around so much it’s super hard to restrain him. ive had other dogs in the past that dont care at all. aside from that, the only tricky part is not cutting them too short. when it doubt, just cut the tips off. black nails are the tricky ones because you cant see the quick.

That’s the most important part. Mind the quick, or you can do some damage >.<

Sadly my ma’s cat would tear up any of the wooden toys >.< He’s already gone through quite a number of them thanks to his aggression and determination to get his prey.

Most of this is full price or better

If your dogs will allow it, I’d recommend buying a Dremel and doing it that way. Have them trimmed up at the vet/groomer/wherever with clippers and then begin with the Dremel a few days later and then once every week or two weeks. I can trim, but I much prefer Dremeling - of course, if you don’t keep up with it they will need a trim then a Dremel to shorten/round up because taking a Dremel to long nails would just take forever. The Dremel totally takes the fear out of quicking them - they will let you know if you’re Dremeling too close and after a few goes you will quickly learn what to look for on the nail to see when you’re close.

I have one dog that has to be drugged and visit the vet for nail trims every three weeks (and it is SO worth the $13), but my other 3 get Dremeled every week or two. I started as soon as I got them (my Kelpie was almost 2 when adopted, and my beagles were 10 and 12 respectively when I adopted them) and they all do relatively well with it. The beagles don’t like it, but the plus side to them being 25 pounds is that I can just kind of hold them in place or squish them a bit. My Kelpie is so nonchalant about it that I just ask her to come over and lay down and she downs, rolls over, and throws a paw in the air. The beagles actually tolerate the Dremel better than nail clipping. I also think Dremeling is a better way to get their quicks to recede and shorten their nails as you can get closer or shape around the quick easier.

If your dogs won’t tolerate the Dremel (some are terrified of the noise), clipping really isn’t that bad. More difficult if they have black nails, but just start by taking the very tips off and the more you do it the more you will learn how far you can go. You can just do tiny clips until you know you’ve gone far enough or don’t feel safe going any further. Practice really does make perfect in this regards - but I wouldn’t suggest practicing on a dog that isn’t totally chill with it. You will get frustrated and it will make for a bad experience for everybody.

Woot, I am very disappointed that you allow a few whiners to restrict the purchases of others. This is the worst kind of political correctness and tyranny. This is supposed to be a free country. If someone does not like a product, DON’T BUY IT!

Prong collars are perfectly fine to use and NECESSARY with some animals. Sure, the very pricey ones are nicer, but even cheap ones can be adjusted and used effectively. Cruelty is NOT training your dog and allowing her to misbehave.

Please go and learn about what PETA and the “Humane Society” actually do. Complain to them for THEIR mistreatment of animals. They exist to serve THEMSELVES, not the animals.

Nicely said.

let the cat out, I had 2 squirrel heads, a mouse head and a bird beak and some feathers on my door step and there is 1 1/2 foot of snow out there. Cats are hunters let’em hunt.

Not so nice.