For The Birds



I would have bought “listening to who?” as a poster!


I really wish Woot would start offering the zip-up hoodies again and not just pull overs…


Considering how Woot’s poll results showed most people prefer zip-ups, I’m surprised we aren’t seeing more of them. Maybe more people voted with their money against the grain of said poll?


I think I am the odd ball here, because I actually prefer the pullover compared to the zip up hoodie(the design seems to look better to me when it’s in the front and across rather than in the upper corner and in the back). I wish the Going Away Is The Bluebird had a hoodie.


I have to look really hard to see the birds in “Seasons” and “The Birth of Inspiration”.

Love the phoenix and owl designs. Now to choose which I will buy.


I’m with you on that. It was quite a stretch to include those in this promotion…


None of my favorite birds are here :frowning:


I was hoping for Nature Owl. :frowning:


Especially Seasons; I figure that offering Imagination Takes Flight would’ve made more sense …


Where is my OWLGEBRA TOTE.


I think some designs just lend themselves naturally to one or the other - like my grilled cheese hoodie. That print would really not work half as well on a pullover. Same with “how we roll” - the design looks cooler on the back.

On the other hand “In the Library” makes me happy as a pullover.

I think that makes me design flexible or some such.


So my long sleeve “Going Away is the Bluebird” just arrived, it’s gorgeous, and a bit big - I was expecting that since they were men’s sizes only, and the sleeves a bit too long - again what I expected.

I didn’t expect elasticated cuffs, nowhere on the site was there any warning about that, and I look ridiculous. Sleeves that would have gone down to my fingertips are bunched up my arms in the least flattering way possible.

Are all woot long sleeve shirts like that?


I had a similar problem when I ordered mine. It had the confusing label of unisex & men medium size on it, but when I ordered it online I don’t remember seeing that it was men’s size only. So I was also disappointed when I got my shirt and it was too bulky and obviously meant for a guy. Does anyone else remember seeing men’s size only in the description?


Longsleeve shirts are unisex. It’s always best to check the size charts before ordering a shirt style for the first time.

That said, I find the arms a bit long to but I just fold over the cuff once.


My problem wasn’t that it was unisex - that was shown in the size chart. It was the elascticated cuffs. I was expecting normal shirt sleeves and got hoodie sleeves and it looks utterly ridiculous on my little stick arms.