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Yea! Camo flashlights so you can’t find them in the dark. Gotta have one of those, or three!

Eventually, every hunter see’s the light.

I swear all this stuff came from Harbor Freight.

My initials thoughts as well!

Was my comment removed?

You were callin’ people in here names. People are welcome to be critical of the products on our site.

Does anyone except me see the problem of a “camouflage” flashlight?

I’ve never understood why so many flashlights come only in black. Camouflage just seems nuts.

Hey hey hey. That seems a little harsh don’t you think? Harbor Freight has some tools that perform fairly well at a low price point.

THIS stuff looks like rejects from the dollar store. Jinkys! The only thing I would even look twice at is the hole punch set and it is sold out.

I just wanted to add, this is the kind of stuff that very UN-handy relatives and friends buy and give as obligatory gifts to people who are DIY. PLEASE don’t buy this to give as a gift. Speaking as someone who has received stuff like this, I would rather you give me a hug. This stuff takes up room in my shop/toolbox, never gets used and I feel guilty throwing it away.

I saw this and was thinking woot got a HF buyout of junk they can’t get rid of with the FREE coupons…

Maximum charge is for only 20 minutes. No thanks.

Does the headlight say “headlight” on it?

Stalwart 72-GT158 Magnifying Head Visor

aka - junk