For the Evolved Taste

A highly evolved design & a Double Derby win! Congratulations, Acraig! :slight_smile:

Cat and coffee. Congrats on a double derby win!

Cat, Coffee, Craig, Congrats. I guess “C” is the letter of the day! :slight_smile:

Two out of three ain’t bad; it’s amazing. Congrats, dude.

"From a beast to your best…"– is this referring to Kopi Luwak?

I love this!

Wow! Too stunned to pun. I’m so grateful, and frankly amazed, this placed 3rd. Thanks folks!

No, just a coincidence. I was playing on the evolution of man thing, but thanks for the info… Interesting read.

Nice, very nice. Congrats!

Perfectly percolated there, my pal. Congrats!!


Congrats acraigl!! I think you are the king of late February- winner of the math derby in Feb 2016 if memory serves. :slight_smile:

I think that’s right, although one could argue that you were the big winner since yours is still in the top-20!

Well done acraigl. Love it!

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: