For the Love of Fresh Breath

Who makes the Phillips compatible heads?

This is such a crazy good deal! Especially for the Sonicare Kids Brushes because you cant find those in stores. Thanks Woot! Please Run this buy again in the future

how do these compare to actual sonicare? I’ve yet to find a generic replacement that fits as well or feels as good as the over-priced sonicare ones.

Are these actual Oral B brand replacement heads or generics? The specs say Oral B and the description says “compatible” so I’m not sure.

They are compatible with the brands mentioned, not manufactured by them.

Is this for “Kids” or for the one without the “kids” label? I got mine from costco… anyone?

In the features, each one states which series it’s compatible with.

Bought some of the Oral-B compatible precision heads one of the last times, not sure if we’d buy again.

My wife and I each have an Oral-B toothbrush, and a quarter of these that we used quit spinning a week after putting them on.

They also don’t seem to stay on as securely, several I’ve put on have come out in my mouth while brushing normally, or I have to push them back down on the toothbrush once I’m done.

Thanks for that, I was going to ask that they hunt down some of the new Oral B WOW heads, but nevermind!

How does the whiteners work.

I think the e series version has the wrong description. I don’t think that there is an e series for kids. I may be wrong, but a quick search has only turned up adult models.

By golly, you are correct. Sale has been updated. Thanks for pointing that out!

I can’t speak for these specific ones but I got the Up and Up brand ones for my Sonicare and they were awful. They were so loud I thought I was going to wake the neighbors (okay, maybe not the neighbors, but for sure my daughter).

I’ve read bad reviews about Sonicare compatible brush heads on Amazon and just decided to suck it up and buy the right ones. I don’t need any now, but for a dollar a head, I might try these ones and if they don’t work toss them, it’s not that much of a loss.

Piping in from personal experience with my own Sonicare… generic replacement heads are not the way to go. They’ll save you money, but they don’t work as well, and some of the darn things are downright LOUD!

Save your money and purchase a value pack at Sams/Costco. Still expensive, but peace of mind for sure.

Sam’s is exactly where I got the best deal on my Sonicare heads to replace the Up and Up garbage that I thought was going to rattle the windows out of the frames. Cheaper even then Amazon.

If I may chime in as well, being a long time Sonicare user: The generic heads just aren’t up to snuff. I got a pack of the Target generics, and half way through them I just went and bought a pack of name brand.

Just never felt as clean.

There were a LOT of comments warning people NOT to buy these brush heads last time they were up for sale. They are very cheap knock offs. Everyone was saying they broke very easily just days after use.

Buyer beware.

I too have never had a knock off that worked right. They all have much stiffer bristles and many separate at the joint and pinch your skin. The last time I bought some, I tried a couple and ended up throwing out the rest.

I have a Oral-B (Braun) Triumph professional care toothbrush. What brush pack fits this model?