For the love of it all, water the freaking tree.


When a pyro does research…


that’s kinda scary, isn’t it?!


I feel sorry for the innocent alligator.


I suspect the involvement of a lemming.


What are you guys seeing…I’m getting a soft porn site, so I didn’t wait for the download


When would he have had the time? There was the attack on woot headquarters last night, followed by an evening with the hamsters…who came home with a big smile of their faces…and have been sleeping ever since.


What the heck are you talking about?
Even the paid advertising is rated at worst PG.
Websense (web censorship hillsborough county uses) sees no issue to warranty a block.

So, whats the issue? Are you calling the google ads softporn, or the ask jeeves banners softporn.

If thats softporn to you…what kind of internet do you live in?


It looked like fullyclothed women on the site…sort of like maxium
Don’t start up again…I’m pretty sure I have kids your age, so, Yes I live in a different internet than you
.It didn’t look like I was going to get the vidio you wanted us to see…I can handle the dirty stuff, it wouldn’t upset me, but I didn’t want to download the wrong thing
what should I click on when I get there?
and remember…this is not the real internet…this is woot. (now I would post a happy face to show you I’m not upset, but I don’t know how…because…this is not the real internet)

I just tried it again and no women, it must have been an ad…but still no download, what did I miss?

Went back yet again, I have a mac and it wants me to download a windows program, so I guess that is why I can’t view the vidio


Ease off, she’s talking about the suggestive girls on the left-hand side of the page. If it looks like soft porn to her, what diffeence does it make to you? No problem, right?


He possibly sent the alligator.


I just didn’t want the popups that you get when the internet thinks you like porn.

Thanks Poof, kids…always looking for a fight!


my prescription for this thread…