For the photo-choppers (or other interested folks)


For anyone who may be interested:

Next Monday, Aldi (the-we’re-so-cheap-because-we-give-absolutely-no-customer-service) Grocery Stores will be selling a large yet inexpensive ($40) graphics tablet.

Sure, it’s no Wacom, but I got one the last time they had them for sale and it’s not too bad – especially for the price!

(no, I’m not making a single penny posting this link… I just thought some of ya’ll artistic folks might be interested)


Looks like a great deal . . . wish we had Aldi’s down here!!


never heard of this toy :slight_smile:

we got Aldi’s

you want me to git ya one and send it along to ya?


I’ll thin’ about . . . could be a groovy Christmas gift fer the boy!


oh no

that poor kid

do you fergit his name er sumpin?

repeat after me…Tyler


should I put a Zoi reminder fer ya?


I actually have the big ol professional version of photoshop…I just don’t take time to play with it enuf (PShop, AZ…I know what you was thinkin!)

does this toy work with that?


I dunno, but Tyler has P’shop and is becoming quite adept. He took second prize county-wide for one of his works. Everybody but the judges thought it should have won first place - even the first place winner!!!


edit - well not kewel that he didn’t get first…but still - placing is great!

the friend who gave me PS is amazing with it…we were the photog’s at her bro’s wedding and she put together the portfolio for them…did some very kewel things with tints and colorizing b&w’s and stuff


At least the basic functions of photoshop work - like being a mouse pointer and a pressure sensitive brush.

some of the more expensive tablets may have a few more bells and whistles, but if there’s stuff they can do in PS that this can’t, I’m not aware of it.


so is this a good toy to use w PS? or should I not bother til I am more familiar with PS in general?


ditto . . .


hey there…watch who yer dittoin, boy


I said ‘ditto’ . . not ‘diddle’ . . .


I know McGuffy uses a similar graphics pad, probably a really good one, maybe he can give you an answer. I’d like to know too. Don’t know if we have the Aldi here in Marlyland or not. seems like I saw one on Rockville Pike. (ponders)

edit: “Marlyland” misspelled. should be “Marley-land!” hahaha “mon”


hey diddle diddle…

the cat and the fiddle?


hmm…mebbe I will ask my PS friend and see if she has ever used anything like it…hell, maybe she might want one…could be a good xmas pressie!


Hey, we do have one not far from where I live . . . there’s also one in Hyattsville, Langley Park, and District Heights - Marlyland . . .


There’s a bunch in Bal’mer, too . . .


to be honest… I’m not sure. I bought one of these for my wife last time they hade them for sale, we plugged it in a played with it a bit. It was pretty easy to make a graphic of my hand signature (for signing documents and stuff). She was pleased with it, but hasn’t really used it all that much. My PS skills are pretty sad, so I don’t use the tablet (yet) for my photo chops. I’d have to second Josephus and say that McGuffy is the guy to ask about using tablets in PS.

I really ought to pull it back out and play around some more this week. Maybe the contest theme will have some good opportunities - say making zombies a 'la McGuffy’s method from the contest 42 results thread.

Either way, I’d still say that this deal is a lot like most woot specials… at the given price, it’s worth the gamble. Even if you buy one and don’t like it, you could probably make your money back (or more) on ebay, especially given the large size of the tablet.


BTW, folks… If you’re thinking of getting one of these, but have never shopped at an Aldi store, you might want to know a few things about the store before you go:

  1. Aldis does not accept credit cards or personal checks. Cash and debit cards only.

  2. this is one of their advertised “Special Buys” which means that if it’s a really good deal, it can easily sell out within a couple hours after the store opens on monday morning. (this particular deal is for the week starting Mon. Oct 31, BTW) They don’t offer rain checks. It’s just first come-first serve.

  3. If you do miss out on the deal, these tablets usually come up as “special buys” 2-3 times a year. not real often, so think and act quick. Other special buys of note this week are a digital camera and lots of accessories (printer, SD memory cards, USB mem sticks, mem card reader, etc.) which also may sell quick and not come back for several months. I think that they are due for selling a CPU and/or monitor pretty soon. If you keep an eye on their website or newsletter, it might be somethine within the next month for those that are interested.

  4. Most Aldi electronics are no-name brands which turn out to actually be rebranded items manufactured by a reasonably well know company. So, while there is no customer service to speak of for the items, they are generally decent quality.