For the Working: What should you be doing right now?


I should be working, but instead I’m on woot, wasting away my day. Right now I should be doing some research. Boring!


I should be coding. ::blush::


I should be writing.
I guess I’m kinda doing that, right?


Should be working on both a data center migration and a facility divestiture plan.


Yikes! I feel dumb just reading that.


Where is the Data Center migrating to? :slight_smile:


I should be finding a job, or drawing a t-shirt design that I won’t finish


I should be eating.


doh! I knew I forgot something, crud, too late now. Seriously, Fen I coulda used a reminder like 20 mins ago.


Should be proof-reading some forms, but this stuff is boring.


For a brief time, I had to actually do the things I should have been doing. It was awful. Never do that to me again, Woot.


Smiting enemies.


Do you freelance?


Sure! Call me at 867-5309. Ask for “Jenny.”


I should be checking the logs to see who’s been Wooting when they ought to be working. Would prosecuting them be hypocritical?


Is that short for ‘Jessica’?


Yes, but persecuting them wouldn’t be.


I only prosecute. I leave the persecution to the experts.


no1, I’ve got your number.
I need to make you mine.
no1, don’t change your number.


Here I am!