For Those We've Loved and Lost: The Pets in Our Lives

This is a thread I’ve thought about for a month or so now. Since we’ve had a few more pets on the forums die recently, it seems like a good time. If you’d like, please share your memorials to the pets who’ve enriched your lives.

Well, this afternoon, my beloved Dantefish died. He wasn’t very old. I had bought him to replace my deceased Manafish. He wasn’t very old, but he was with me for my last semester at college (arguably my best) and was the last thing left in my dorm before I left. I graduated, grabbed him, then came home. He was always very energetic, until recently, and he used to sit on my desk and almost dance to the music I was playing. He’ll be missed, very much.


I got a cute little kitten I named Dracula last year, and he passed away after only a week of feline leukemia. In honor of my little Prince of Darkness:

I will be burying him next to Tessa’s carving this afternoon.

gwp, so sorry to hear of Murray’s passing. My thoughts are with you.

Next to Tessa’s carving seems like a very nice place.

Good to see you are about. I like having you around. Rain

sorry to hear that, mr. gwp. my condolences.

Sorry to hear about Murray, gwp. Take care.

He’d missed her since she passed, as they were best friends. I think he’d approve. My son picked out a nice flat piece of sandstone from the rock wall out back, and I have it down in my shop. I’m going to see if I can carve his name and the date into it with my Dremel.

It’s nice to think of them together.

So sorry, gwp. I got your text. It never is easy…is it? I think Tessa will be glad to have her back.


Sorry to hear that gwp.

Some radio morning trivia contest’s answer was that 4% of all people wake up to find one of their pets is dead.

Baja, who passed away 12 years too early…he was only 2. I’m still crying myself to sleep, because I won’t even be there to bury him.

Aw, he was adorable! My condolences to you.

Sorry SS. He’s a cutie and will be missed.

Thanks. Yeah he was. I haven’t seen him in 4 months…my now ex-boyfriend was sending me photos of them (he has a brother who’s still waiting for me).

He certainly will be missed. Thanks.

My buddy Splinter.
I really miss my rat.

Khan was taken in by a cat shelter after being hit by a car and found wandering the highway three years ago. He underwent several surgeries to restore his smashed jaw, remove his damaged eye, and get him mobile again. He lost hearing, had only two teeth, and spinal injuries that affected his mobility, but he had a great spirit and great heart. We adopted him two years ago and we loved him dearly.

So sorry fyrefall. You gave him a good 2-9th life. (((((fyrefall )))))