Forbidden Future

Futurama is amazing. Yeah Bender!!!


Hellz yes.



Nice robot work from Robbie, and I love the humanized look of normally Simpsons-esque people from Kasey.

Great work from the both.

The colors, the lighting effects, the background textures, the subject-- I can’t decide what I like most about this design, it’s all just so well-executed.

Two amazing artists, one classic image…but too Futurama for me (and the Slurm nightmares continue).

Bite my shiny metal realistically-drawn ass!

Of COURSE I’m getting this shirt.

Aw yeah that’s the stuff.

I was hoping this would print. I love the textures on this image and the colors feel just right for a 1950’s movie poster. Nice muted palette.

Good News, Everyone!

I like the rocket ship in the background.

“Bite my SHINY METAL ASS, meatbag!” -Bender

In for one…great homage to movies past, and great use of some of my favorite characters ever! Glad I stayed up for this one, but now I must go to sleep…less than 5 hours till I have to wake up for work o_O woot, why are you so addicting…WHY!?

I am so stoked for this shirt! I love Futurama and the classic movie Forbidden Planet, so double winning for me. Great job artists!

I love this one! The eyes on Bender are exceptionally creepy. Nice to see a Futurama based design that doesn’t feature Hypnotoad.

It’s always so nice to see stuff this good win.

Is he taking her to Fry . . . or away from Fry?

Loved it, voted for it, buying it. Congratulations on the print you two!

If you’re planning on getting cryogenically frozen for 1,000 years, there’s probably not a better shirt to do it in than this one.

How could I NOT buy this shirt?! Great job artists! Went ahead and used my 5$ coupon on this from the random order.