Force 18-Volt Cordless Drill with Battery

Here are some reviews (3 star) from Amazon

Info and reviews on the Product Page

Let’s learn more about the warranty

several customers on amazon complained about a burning smell when using the drill.

Would a staff member please answer this question…

Information (specs) tells us that you get (1) 18V battery and (1) 1.5AH battery

Does this mean we get 2 batteries? If not, what is the current price and availability for a second battery?

1.5Ah batteries are on the low side, providing shorter run times and making the long 3-5hr. charging time a real problem doing a big job. At this price, a good buy for short duration household duty.

Hmm, I’d personally go with the Drill Master 18V drill and flashlight combo at HF for the same price (and no shipping charges unless you dont have a HF store close by).

(And if you find a HF store that will include the 25% off coupon on top of the drill’s coupon, you save even more. YMMV.)

Edit: Oops, too many tabs open. Thought this was a item. If this kind of “deter from buying” comment breaks any rules for w00t, I’m sorry. Please delete if it does. :slight_smile:

It comes with one battery. I’ll see about getting the “In the box” tweaked so it’s not so confusing.

As to a second battery, we don’t offer that here. Google can probably help though.

Has any one read about any hassles with the “warranty” and/or return policy? The Amazon reviews make me a little skeptical of this GREAT DEAL, but when life hands you lemons you should be able to return and/or replace them with oranges. Everyone knows orange juice is vital component of a balanced and nutritional breakfast diet. If you come across a large number of negative reviews, please advise.

Thank you, and it is being sold through woot, so I am also protected?

In the Box:

(1) Force PT100118 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Drill, Black/Grey
(1) 1.5Ah battery
3-Hour Charger
Drill Bits

Drill bits.

Anyone care to embellish this? “Bits” means more than one. Any guess on quantity, or size?

The picture shows some screw bits, but they’re not mentioned.

TT, any clarification? For a homeowner drill, or screw gun, this would surpass my aging Makita 2 hand grip 9.6 volt dill/driver, but that battery is still alive.

I’m not looking for a contractor grade drill/driver, just something that would out perform my 25 year old Makita. (That still runs just fine.)


I told myself a long time ago not to buy anything with a NiCad battery, because of the memory issue. But I remembered telling myself that, so I don’t have an issue.:wink:

Anyone know if the battery would happen to fit Black & Decker 18v tools? My batteries and chargers are all dead and their replacement batteries alone are $35. Makes this a bargain plus extra drills.

and its a NiCad-not even close to a nickel metal hydride-let alone a lithium. I’d hold off for a close-out on a B&D 20v lithium for another 20bucks-you have something that’s always ready when you are…and you cant kill with an overcharge

I have a decade old Makita that does this. Id not worry about it.

For home light use this is the perfect tool…you can buy 3-4 of these for one craftsman drill…the battery price on craftsman is a killer for me…
Go Force all the way or Harbor Freight

This won’t fit Black & Decker 18v tools. The charger slot is completely different.

@skou: I’ve asked for info on the bits but I haven’t heard back yet. May not hear back since the sample is locked up in the office.

To be honest, I won’t be surprised if your Makita has more power than this. Notice the lack of torque specs here; if it was anything decent to speak of, it would’ve been stated.

The 3-5 hour included with this drill is a “dumb” charger; the single included battery isn’t going to last under such conditions. Are replacements available? If one can’t get them now, what are the odds they’ll be available in the future?

If you can wait another month, aim for a black Friday special at HD or Lowes. There’s bound to be something MUCH more substantial then.

Drill bits do tend to mean more than one…according to the picture, there are two. You get a straight screw driver bit and a Philips bit. My understanding is that there are no drilling bits.