Force Oscillating Tool and 18-Volt Drill

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Force Oscillating Tool and 18-Volt Drill
Price: $31.99
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Condition: New


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Let’s learn all about Force

A lot of value for 32 bucks! This is an offer I just can’t refuse.

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Oscillating Tool:

No reviews at all for the oscillating tool, and only a few for the drill with a consensus of not so good.

I have to say that you get what you pay for. This is especially true with tools. Why not spend the money and get quality tools that will last a lifetime instead of substandard crap that will break and possibly injure you while in the middle of use? I think it goes without saying that these are cheap for a reason. But if it really is “too good to pass up” you must be someone with money to waste.

Look, you can never have too many tools. It’s a guy thing. But I like tools that last. My Milwaukee drill uses Lion batteries not NiCads. I’ll pay more for quality cause when they break, it’s like losing a loved one.

Comparing your Milwaukee drill with this Force drill is not a fair comparison. Your Milwaukee drill easily costs at least 5 times more than this one. Force tools are honest, hard working tools which do not position themselves to be the best available in the market. Rather, they occupy an economy niche…not the very best tools available but certainly far from the worse. After all, you would not expect your Ford to deliver the same prestige, precision and longevity as a Rolls Royce.

By the way, it may surprise you to learn that force tools (actually Sioux Tools) is owned by one of the most respected names in the tool industry…Snap-On Tools.

Well last deal Woot had on Force tools I purchased the oscillating tool. It arrived DOA. Too bad I waited a month (the first time I needed it) to open the package to find out. Now I’m caught between Woot and Force trying to get someone to return it to.

Word to the wise - Take it out of the box immediately upon receiving it to test it.

Since the SUMEC conglomerate literally lists its US Headquarters at the same address as Force and lists it as one of its North American divisions, I’m gonna say that’s not very likely.

Me thinks you need to do more research. The “Force” brand is owned by Sioux Tools and ST joined Snap-On Tools in 1994.

So they’re lying on their own website?

All the more true about cordless tools. I once bought an off brand cordless set here on Woot.I didnt try it right away and when i did of course the batteries didnt hold more than a two minute charge. It was one big loss for me and the first piece of real junk I got from Woot. I thought Woot had minimum standards. In the end my kids took all the little bits and bobs ans I learnt a few lessons.
Since then I have bought piles of tools but every one carefully selected brand name pieces and I havent had regrets ever.

Cheap drill, stopped working after couple days. Completely disappointed