Force1 Ghost 1080p Action Camera Drone

Bought this last time around for $100 and can definitely vouch for how much fun it is to fly. I’m a drone noob so I’m still learning and crashing. It’s taken a number of hits and only the props have suffered so far.

The only thing that is still a mystery to me is that it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to start video or take pictures using the remote. There’s a button on the remote for it, but no mention in the instructions about how to connect it to the action camera that comes with it. I’ve taken some great video with it, but I had to manually push the button on the camera before taking off and then again after landing. No way to take pictures.

If I’m missing something, hopefully someone will respond here and enlighten me. Still well worth the $90-100 even with that feature missing.

Hey Ronx,

The camera can not be controlled by the remote. The button you are seeing is for upgrades you can buy for this drone. There is an FPV camera that you can buy and add. Google Force1 or Bugs 3 drone both are the exact same drone.