Force1 U818A HD+ Camera Drone

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Force1 U818A HD+ Camera Drone
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$58.57 at Wal-mart w free shipping

[MOD: Not the same model. Ours has higher res camera, headless mode, 2 batteries + bonus power bank.]

Woot is selling the HD+ (U818A HD+). Different model than this link from Walmart.

A less fawning, but apparently still fairly positive video review vs. the front page video…

The Amazon reviews are pretty positive, 4-star average across almost 1,800 reviews. Note his appears to be a 2015 product if that matters.

I bought one of these last year on a Black Friday deal from a battery specific supplier, to see if a drone hobby would be a fit, before spending bigger $. This is not a bad little unit for a 1st timer. It’s light weight and rugged, flexible frame. 10-12 min flight times. With my beginners flying skillz, I didn’t bother with the camera. Baby steps, and don’t want give anybody vertigo watching.

I have several other drones as well, this one is “different” than my others

This isnt a casually fly it while it is able to just hover in the air type drone, this one requires you to be in control at all times which I like. It is very responsive and a ton of fun to fly. Camera isnt bad for how small it is either.

Thanks for the good info! In for one…

Can anyone translate this? Is this saying it will or will not “just hover”?

How do I buy this and ship it as a gift to another state for Christmas?

It means that you must actively move the joysticks to keep the drone in one place to compensate for wind and altitude. There is no neutral stick position for altitude, so you must constantly make small adjustments to hold altitude. A drone such as the Sky Viper with GPS will more or less hold position and altitude with hands off the sticks. The latter drone is easier to fly. I have both.