Forced Math

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Shame the shirt off is over!

Back to the good ol’ self I guess.

Just remember to stay fresh and the secret shirt.woot greeting that everyone has seemingly forgotten!

Person A: “Boss shirt, boss.”
Person B: “Yeah, I know.”

EDIT: We totally need another song with that phrase in it. Is there a place where they keep all their old songs since so many of them are amazing!

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I’ll tri harder next time.

As a Zelda junkie, I had to buy this, it’s simple, yet effective, and completely awesome.

Congrats on the print :slight_smile:

Awwww, yes Shirtwoot. I do feel special.

Can’t bring myself to buy it based purely on mathematical principle. 3ma would be more accurate.


So close… and yet so far away.

The only reason I know what this shirt means is you, shirt woot.

exactly, i didn’t get it so i googled ‘force cube’ thinking it was some object in the game that looked like that and eventually ran across the triforce symbol.

But Triforce power grows exponentially! :wink:

lol, same here

Crap, I dont have a numpad. Never mind. Was gonna do the same.

Come on, how you gonna sell a Zelda shirt after a Woot-Off? Didn’t you already take everybody’s money?

I feel special,
Oh, so special,
I feel special and witty and bright!

We don’t know that. 3ma suggests that the power of the triforce is equivalent to the sum of the three individual ‘forces’ in Zelda. (ma)^3 suggests each force has a multiplicative (or exponential) effect when combined. I find it more likely that the individual forces in the triforce would benefit from synergy when combined, and achieve a whole exponentially greater than the sum of its parts.

I KNOW RIGHT! I am so broke after today haha and Zelda is my all time favorite video game ever since I was little >.< Damn you Shirt.Woot!

Or maybe even **3(ma) **. I realize that it still works out the same, but this way it emphasizes the force. Oh well… maybe the force equals one, and it is all moot. :stuck_out_tongue:
(on the plus side, we’re all in an even smaller group of people who get the reference, think that it’s wrong, are whiney, and post things on the internet)

Yeah I just came in here to argue this point.

(ma)^3 = F^3 = cubedforce, not triforce.

I am disappoint.

Sorry, but there’s precedent. Tricycle, Triceratops, Triangle, etc.