Ford Mustang Mouse Pad



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Ford Mustang Mouse Pad
$5.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Really Woot? Really?




Sweet! Does it come with a free tank top and mullet?


But, but, I drive a Honda.


OK. $13.50 is a weirdass list price, even for Woot.


I can’t believe somebody is buying these!!


Is this compatible with my hamster?


Does anyone actually still use mouse pads?


Uh oh, the servers are starting to crumble already? It’s just a mouse pad.


Using one right now. My keyboard/mouse tray is a painted wood and my mouse didn’t like that. Plus the paint was wearing off.


I don’t see a bag, but this is certainly crap… who even uses mouse pads anymore? I have some VHS tapes with a list price of $40… any takers?


Uh oh, the servers are breaking down already? It’s just a mouse pad.

I’ve already gotten 5 error messages. (3 of them while trying to post this.)


I’m using a Dilbert mouse pad right now.

It’s easy on the hand when you’re just letting it rest.


It’s a stupid mouse pad, not a BOC. Why are the servers going down?


Has anyone ever PAID for a mousepad?


this isn’t a good sign for the woot servers if Find On Road Dead Mousepads are shorting them out tonight :open_mouth:


I’m waking up the developers to take a looksie at things.


I keep getting server errors across the Wootosphere.