Forest Guardian

Very cool. Really love the level of detail maloandthewhale bring to the scenes he/she/they create. It’s a fascinating world to get window glimpses into.

Want robot chameleon. Want now!

I’m also in love with all the details in this design. Makes me want to go in search of this forest.

Thanks ! Really appreciated !

Beautiful design!

That steampunk chameleon reminds me of a Girl Genius styled design. The madboys are at it again!

I usually only by shirts that speak to my (not-so) inner geek.

This one does not fall into any of my usual genre preferences. I almost bought it anyway. If I hadn’t already bought a bunch of shirts in the last couple weeks, I would have jumped on this. It’s very cool, and maybe I will get it later.


WOW this is beautiful! Such a fan of your work, so much storytelling in one image well done!

Great looking design!

This is such a cool image. :slight_smile: I really love your art, Malo. I want this on a coffee mug-