Forever Lazy - 2 Sizes

if you are gonna repeat stuff, I would like to see the giant orea cookie cake pan again; I made the mistake, it seems, of taking a shower during the 9 minutes it was up.

You mean there’s more than just two of you running this thing?

Dang, sorry. That probably sold out. We still have some of these left and a few people complained that they missed it the yesterday.

Love Love Love these. I have 3, in for 3 more. They run HUGE, by the way. I’m 5’5 and a curvier gal and the xs/s is big on me.

Oh that’s good to know Jilly. I bought an extra small/small last night after having made the mistake of buying a medium previously…and I am not a very big girl. It looks like I am wearing a blue Sharpei costume!

Please buy more of them!!! I’m sick of seeing these things!

So happy to see these again missed them yesterday, I am glad you put more up thanks TT.

Great Christmas gifts. Bought for my sister, her husband, their two kids. Who could say no to this??? So cheap, so cheesy, so awesome!

My best friend and her husband are going to laugh their behinds off when they open this on Christmas.

where my comment? did i do something wrong? didn’t mean to, was comment about item, not picture…

I hope large isn’t to big for me.
My whole idea is to try to lower my gas bill by keeping the house colder.

I bought 2 last time and wish I had bought 3. My bf made fun of me and said he wouldn’t wear the one I got for him; but now, he lives in it. I’m thinking I should get more so I don’t have to fight him out of it every time it needs washing. They run bigger than advertised. He’s 6", 280 lbs and the L/XL fits him with room to spare.

I love mine!! Got one for friends and family last time and they all were horrified…until I forced them to try them out! Now…with all of us in them there’s no one to judge! Lol! They are seriously comfy cozy and surprisingly they don’t make you overheat! I just got three more…gotta have some spares! I’m not paying full price for one, that’s for sure! But for this price? Awesome! :slight_smile:

I went and bought four more, that’s ten total. Always need the white elephant gift for the holiday office party, a spare gift. Never know when one of these could save a life!

Bought myself and the girl a set of these each. They’re very roomy, but they have short sleeves /legs (we’re both quite tall). Be aware before sizing down.

Crap, listed at 1 am. I’ve been trying to buy this the past two wootoffs, when it’s been available at midnight, midnight and 1 am. Why can’t these be up at a pleasant noon or 4 pm?

Darn it. I missed this again too. I wanted to buy this as a birthday present for someone.

I’m not even sure how I missed it… I was looking last night.